Out of the frying pan...



Thursday started out promising. We had a PICC line scheduled for 2:00 PM and although Linden wouldn't be able to eat from 6:00 AM until then, the prospects of heading home after a long few days at the hospital made it all worth it.

Thankfully, Linden was an absolute angel the entire day. We found that the secret to keeping her happy while fasting is distraction, namely, the big red wagon that we put her on with all her baby dolls and sock monkeys and rolled through the hallways. We affectionately called it the \"Linden Parade.\" She was shy at first, but once we got her waving, this future homecoming queen had a smile for everyone on the floor :)

A few more Linden Parade laps followed by naps got us to the 2:00 PM mark, and the PICC team was right on time. Watching Linden go to sleep is always a little scary, but she did just great. An hour and a half later, we got to see our little baby still buzzed on the anesthetic, babbling to the doctors and the nurses like they were her best friends :) So funny.


While doing the PICC line, they also drew labs, which is one of the BEST things about having it, no more pokes to draw blood! We had to wait for the lab results to come back before being discharged, but if all was good, then we were free to go.

The labs came back a short time later, and being what they were, required that she get one more dose of an IV drug before hitting the road.

The dose, was given, we got our meds for home, had our discharge papers, and ran out the doors into the fresh, warm, summer air. Ahhhhh....

We got home just in time to unpack a few things, get the house somewhat in order, and meet our home health nurse who had come by to give Linden her evening dose of antibiotics and retrain us how to do it as well.

10:00 PM rolled around and we were finally all in PJ's and headed to bed... in our own beds! One of those things you take for granted until you sleep on a hospital recliner for a few days. Home at last... or so we thought.


An easy night, a good rest, a beautiful morning, and a happy family! I headed off to work for the first full day this week.

The home health nurse came to draw blood for labs in the afternoon and as protocol requires, she took her temp... 102°...This isn't good.

A few phone calls later, and wouldn't you know it, we're headed back to the hospital. That was quick.

Welcome Back

We don't know exactly what is going on at this point but we do know that she spiked a fever, and she is lethargic. They admitted us back into the PIC so that if there is something seriously wrong they can deal with it quickly. We are hoping its just more of the same, but it sort of seems unlikely at this point.

They are going to keep treating her with her current antibiotics but are going to pull out the big guns if they can't figure out what is causing these fevers soon. In any case, we are SUPER HAPPY to have a PICC line so they don't have to do any more poking.


I'll probably expand upon this a bit more tomorrow, but we would greatly appreciate prayer for

  1. The Doctors - That the Lord would give them wisdom beyond their experience to be able to quickly diagnose and treat Linden's issue.

  2. Laura and I - That we would have patience, endurance, and peace during these trying times.

  3. Graham - He is starting to miss his Mommmy and Daddy being at home and is saying so. This is really difficult, probably one of the most difficult things each time we have to head back to the hospital. Plans for Graham, and doing what we can to maintain normalcy during these hospital stays can be a huge drain.

Thanks Everyone!

The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart.He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving. The Lord gives his people strength. — Psalm 28: 7 - 8

Jake Bennett